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The ACIS 700 Series bottled water coolers offer staff and customers easy access to fresh great tasting water with the added flexibility of being able to locate them in almost any location including work surfaces and tabletops.

These robust yet stylish machines can be found everywhere from factory floors to dentists and doctors reception rooms, schools and offices.

Vend Again have four models available; two floor standing and two table top, each with a choice of dispensing options: one that dispenses chilled cold and hot water - ideal for making coffee, soups and other hot drinks - and one that dispenses chilled and ambient room temperature water.

Technical Details:

  • Stylish silver cabinet
  • Only one square foot of space required
  • Environmentally friendly 134a CFC free refrigerant
  • No plumbing required
  • Auto temperature controller (chilled 5oc - 10oc, hot 70oc - 85oc)
  • Single water outlet - more hygiene than conventional faucets
  • On/Off and status neon indicator lights
  • Large push dispenser controls
  • Integral carrying handle for easy movement
  • Fitted Moulded 13 amp plug
  • Single water outlet - more hygienic than conventional tap dispensers
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