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Premium cooler with streamlined design

Sheer Style

The Elite Mains Water Cooler range provides offices with an elegant solution to providing drinking water to office, show room or indeed any location where style and image are important. The push button dispensing is quick, simple and hygienic.

Elite Water Cooler:

  • COOLING SYSTEM - Direct Chill Compressor system with high quality hermetic and latent condensation.
  • No additional fan required. Environmentally friendly R 134a refrigerant. Thermostatic control regulated between 4°C - 11°C.
  • Ice bank cooling system providing chilled mains pressure water via a coil of stainless steel and high pressure valves
  • HEATING SYSTEM 2 litre stainless steel tank. Regulated to reach approximately 92°C max. Easy change out to overcome scale issues. Drain facility. COLOUR Silver with Dark Graphite trim.


UKV Elite office water coolers provide your staff and visitors with the highest quality fresh filtered water. Not only is water important for comfort, it is a legal requirement to provide easily accessible drinking water in work environments. Choose the Elite cooler for its reliability, design and capacity.


The UKV Elite water cooler dispenses cold water to keep staff refreshed and hydrated and hot water to energise and warm. With the option of an external cup holder and the additional choice of either a full floor standing or table-top version, the Elite cooler caters to any work place environment.

Technical Details:

  • Floor standing Dimensions (WxDxH): 320 x 365 x 1060mm.
  • Storage Base Dimensions (WxDxH): 330 x 340 x 560mm giving ample space for filtration. Hinged door with magnetic catch and where specified waste kit and leak detector devices.
  • Throughput Per Hour - Direct Chill 18 litres cold 7°C / 6 litres hot at 90°C.
  • Throughput Per Hour - Classic 12 litres cold 7°C / 6 litres hot at 90°C.
  • Power Requirements 230v 50/60 Hz. Maximum Running Power Cold and ambient: 85W.
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