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The ACIS ‘point of use’ water dispenser and coolers are an ideal solution for every office environment. The point of use machines are extremely economical and provide customers and staff with both fresh and filtered chilled and/or hot water in a compact and stylish machine.

The mains are plumbed directly into the mains water supply and are fitted with an advanced in-line filtration system that serves only the very best crystal clear, fresh tasting water. Vend Again has four models available to customers, two floor standing options and another tabletop pair.

'Point-of-use' Water Dispenser offers the following benefits:

  • Simple to install
  • No bottle storage required
  • No more heavy lifting when changing over empty bottles


  • 5 stage In-line filter system removes organic chemicals, tastes, odours and prevent scaling
  • Auto temperature controller (cold 5ºc - 10ºc, hot 70ºc - 90ºc)
  • Water block protection device
  • Attractive styling
  • Removable drip tray
  • On/Off and status neon indicator lights

Servicing and Sanitation

The Point of use Water cooler is visited every 6 months to sanitised and replace the filter by our trained technician.

Samsung Filter

5 stage in-line filter removes organic chemicals, tastes, odours and helps prevent scaling. Two types are available; carbon filter (removes particles down to 25 microns) or Ceramic filter (removes particles down to 1 micron).

'Point-of-use' water coolers and water dispensers are a convenient and cost effective way of providing a constant supply of fresh filtered water. Offering total cost control, they are plumbed directly into the mains water supply, with the water being passed through an advanced in-line filtration system, leaving only crystal clear, fresh tasting water.

Your Choice

  • Free Standing or Table Top
  • Cold and Ambient Water
  • Chilled and Hot Water (85c)


  • Free Standing H,W,D, 1030 x 340 x 353 mm
  • Table Top H,W,D, 562 x 340 x 353 mm
  • Weight 18 kg Floor Standing /14kg Table Top
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